Amour Propre: be comfortable in your own skin.

“Imagine living in a world where the cool thing is being cool to others for who they are and not what they are trying to be.”

(Amour Propre)


Amour Propre means having self-love, self-respect. The philosophy behind it is simple; be comfortable in your own skin. Self-Acceptance.

Calvin Rafah founded Amour Propre on the idea of anti-bullying. What started out as an anti-bullying idea, evolved into a campaign to inspire acceptance in general. The brand is dedicated to promote and carry the message of peace through its apparel.


Some Projects

Amour Propre ended up in San Jose, California in order to collaborate with a peer mentorship program by the name of “Little HEROES.” Little HEROES program is to empower, mentor, and build leaders of the future. They believe that inclusion and self direction are key components in helping the youth become young leaders at school and key factors in the community. Little HEROES main focus is to create a sense of confidence and ownership in youth and provide outlets to help mentor and guide them.

Amour Propre clothing

Amour Propre’s mission is to act as a change agent and provide outreach in schools and communities on anti-bullying. They have developed a new approach in creating walking billboards in the form of clothing to broadcast this important message. Amour Propre wants to take a different approach by providing people the means to visually express their stance in the anti-bullying campaign. Amour Propre clothing will shine light on the act of bullying in schools and communities.


Thank You






  1. Giovanna

    Cara Krystel, mi ha colpito molto questo post! Combattere il bullismo è necessario e anche un dovere di ognuno si noi! Grazie!

  2. charlotte

    Brava brava brava,sei brava e sensibile…e bella,ma questo è solo un valore aggiunto alla bellezza interiore che stai dimostrando di possedere, grazie dei tuoi bei post sensibile Krystel

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